Sit back and press play! Time for a Mama Cleo party.

Not a Break-Up Song (Single)

"Not a Break-Up Song" is the about those times in relationships that people don’t talk about... in-between total heartbreak and complete happiness, when you feel like your relationship is #doomed. This is the anti-break-up song when you and your partner decide you don’t have to end. It’s about overcoming and not turning into a break up song...

Never Let Up (Single)

In her newest soul-filled track, "Never Let Up," Mama Cleo shows off her more fiery side. Fueled by a bold, rhythmic guitar, her anger is portrayed in a way that is still so soothing to your ears. But don’t let her smooth voice fool you, Mama Cleo is not someone you want to mess with. If you are feeling frustrated, this Jazz inspired R&B song can leave you in a more relaxed state of mind. If you want to feel powerful and blow off some steam, this song is perfect for you.

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